Recycling For Charity

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Our friends at Stationery Solutions collect various items that can be recycled and all the proceeds are donated to Braintree Lions to then use for local causes. Below is their recent Facebook post.

Did you know……

That we collect / recycle many things, mainly for Charity?

The poster, below, shows the items that we collect, with the Glasses (spectacles), Hearing Aids. Postage Stamps and Ink (printer) Cartridges all being passed to the Lions Club of Braintree, with any monies received from the recycling of the cartridges being donated to local community projects.

Please feel free to drop in any of these items to us during our normal shop opening hours (please also be careful with transportation of the cartridges as they can on occasion leak slightly).

Please visit Stationery Solutions at:
6 Fairfield Road
Facebook: @stationerysolutions

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